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At Phillips 66, Conoco, and 76 we don't just talk about being experts, we prove it with our performance gasoline. Gasoline that now has 3 times more detergent additive than the minimum required by the EPA. Not only that, it also has 30% more than the minimum level specified in the Top Tier® Detergent Gasoline standard recommended by major car manufacturers. And because even too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, we designed every drop to have just the right amount of engine-cleaning power without risking the side effects of overtreating. It's everything a hard-working engine deserves.

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Big City variety, Hometown taste.

Sweet Home Kitchen offers a wide food selection from hot breakfast, delectable pastries, homemade burgers, mouth-watering deli sandwiches, and fried chicken that will make you write home to tell mom someone stole her recipe!

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Also offering Papa John’s classic piping hot 8” personal pan and 14” pizzas made from hand-tossed, original crust, all-natural sauce, fresh cut vegetables and real meats and cheeses.

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1424 Texas Street
Natchitoches, LA 71457

(318) 352-1685



1216 Cut Off Rd.
Coushatta, LA 71019

(318) 932-3224



3204 Highway 71
Campti, LA 71411

(318) 476-3350